Making Privacy Great Again

A platform to manage and secure your digital footprint

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Datu utilizes military grade cyber capabilities, together with cutting edge AI models, to help you Take Actions against Privacy Threats.

Our approach is an autonomous one,
constantly Simulating external attackers  trying to exploit weaknesses in your privacy and cyber thresholds.

Your Data Belongs to You, We Help You Keep It That Way.


As our world speeds forward, we create and amass more and more data.
Our most intimate and private data are now digital and mostly unprotected, awaiting exploitation. These changes require a new approach to cyber privacy.

We are not a VPN
We are not an Antivirus

We are a Privacy Management Platform.

Accessible From Anywhere Without Installing Apps.



DATU is a a world leader in privacy protection. Our mission is to ensure our users can maintain exactly the level of digital privacy they wish to have.

As a result, we adhere to the highest privacy standards. We comply with GDPR and believe in true transparency enabling our users to access their data in real time and remove it at will.

No fine-print, no strings attached, your data belongs to you.

Your Data Belongs To You.

Take Control Of It!

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